How to subscribe

How to subscribe

To use Orange Money you need the following to register and activate your account.

 To register is simple; all you need is a valid identity card or passport and your Orange simcard.

⦁    Orange money registration is free. 

⦁    You can register at any Orange shop, Orange Money kiosk, Orange Money agent or by our brand ambassadors all over the country.

⦁     Remember to reset your password after registration. 

For more enquiries call  *747

How to register and activate Orange Money?
Fill in and sign the subscription form at an Orange shop or at an authorised Orange Money agent and provide a valid ID. 

After your subscription to the service, you will receive a SMS to confirm the opening of your Orange Money account.
The received SMS will contain: Your default secret code '1234', that you must change to activate your account and benefit from the available services. Your account will be activated only after you change your secret code from '1234'. After activation, you can right away benefit from the available services

What does registering cost?
Opening an Orange Money account is totally free and does not incur any servicing or maintenance charge. For more information - See the Orange Money Frequently Asked Questions

Where is Orange Money available?
All Orange stores, Orange POS and Orange Money agents across Sierra Leone.