Emergency credit

Emergency credit

Orange Tross Topup  is an emergency credit offered to customers.

Orange Tross Topup is an emergency credit offered to customers.

Orange emergency credit is service that allows subscribers to loan top up and pay later.. This allows subscribers to make calls and stay in touch with their loved ones. Talk now and pay later as we trust you and will always be there for you. 
Emmergency credit amount ranges from Le1,125 to Le11,250 and customer pays 20% service fee upon recharge.
For your convenience, reimbursement of Orange Emmergency credit is made over several recharges until full repayment. 

Subscriber must be Prepaid subscriber.
Subscriber must not be a debtor
Subscriber must have activated MSISDN for 90 Daysor more
Subscriber must have at least used Le27,000, Le81,000, Le135,000 and Le180,000 cumulative amount..

To Subscribe:
Send CREDIT to 1501 or dial *151# for Le1, 025 Subscription
Send CREDIT to 1500 or dial *150# for Le2, 250 Subscription
Send CREDIT to 1502 or dial *152# for Le4, 100 Subscription
Send CREDIT to 1503 or dial *153# for Le10, 250 subscription