Orange Airbox 4G+ (E5577Fs) with 6MBPS

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The Airbox 4G+ mobile router is an easy-to-use mobile WiFi router with support for the 4G network.

  • 4G Device
  • 6Mbps of data
  • Connecting 15users
  • 6hours autonomy
  • Connected with Orange mobile network
  • Software upgraded
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An essential piece of equipment for Internet access.

This modem router allows all your Wi-Fi enabled devices to connect to the Orange mobile network. Its screen makes interactions easier and its maximum speed allows you to have a faster Internet access.

You can connect 15 devices simultaneously (smartphone, tablet, computer...): you benefit from Orange 4G+ in the easiest way possible on all your devices.

Very easy to use, you just have to slide in a SIM card, turn it on and it automatically connects to the Orange mobile network to let you benefit from a private WiFi mobile hotspot.


A large screen in an elegant design

For its low price, the Airbox offers a large screen to simplify your commands and interactions with it. The very dense display will adapt to bright environments and facilitate its readability outdoors.

The Airbox also comes in an elegant case with reduced dimensions: length 96.8mm, width 58mm, thickness 12.8mm for a weight of 75 grams.

A major advantage of the Orange Airbox 4G+ is its autonomy of 6 hours in use and 300 hours in standby. The recharge of the battery is done through a USB cable provided.


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