Orange Money Pro Sierra Leone application and personal data


Confidentiality of your personal data on the Orange Money Pro application

The purpose of this sheet is to inform the customer about the collection of personal data by Orange Money Pro and the ways in which this data is used by the application.

The personal data of customers are protected in accordance with the laws of Sierra Leone.

This personal data is used exclusively for the purpose of simplifying the use of the Orange Money Pro application and improving the service.

They are in no way used for commercial prospecting purposes.

Below is the information used by the Orange Money Pro application:

1 - Identification

When launching the Orange Money Pro mobile application, the customer does not need to enter his username and password of his mobile account. The Orange Money Pro app automatically retrieves this information and processes their phone number to recognize them as an eligible Orange Money customer. This makes it easier for him to navigate and save him from having to enter the identifiers of his mobile account.

2 - Statistics

The Orange Money Pro application collects information about the use of the application (connection time, version of the application, screen resolution of your mobile, sections consulted, etc.) and sends this information to Orange for statistical analysis in order to improve the service offered to customers. The collection of this information also allows Orange to improve the relevance of the notification messages sent by the service. All information collected is completely anonymous and is in no way associated with the user.

The information collected is processed in accordance with applicable laws of Sierra Leone. No personal data is collected.


Access to the ORANGE Mobile Finance Sierra Leone application implies the acceptance of the following conditions


1 - General information

Access to the Orange Money Pro application and the ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone website is free of charge. The information displayed in the application and on the website, including these terms and conditions, may be modified at any time. ORANGE Mobile Finance Sierra Leone reserves the right to suspend, interrupt or limit access to the site or the application at any time. Any correspondence sent to will be considered as non-confidential. The transmission by mail of a document or an electronic message implies authorization for ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone to use it. The rates communicated by ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone on this site are inclusive of tax.

2 - Intellectual property

The content of the site (texts, sounds and images) is protected by legislation relating to copyright or image rights. Those, and in particular the marks, logos or images... are the property of Orange or ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone or are the subject of an authorization of use to the profit of these. No copy, reproduction, modification of the elements of the site such as texts, images, sounds or brands and logos can be made without the prior written authorization of the Companies of the Orange Group or the holders of the rights. Failure to comply with this prohibition may engage your liability.

3 - Hypertext links to other sites

The Orange Money Pro application may provide links to other sites, affiliated or not. These links to other sites do not constitute, in any case, an approval or a partnership between ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone and these sites. These sites are independent, and ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone does not control their editorial content. Consequently, ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone cannot be held responsible for their content.

4 - Use of IP addresses

ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone may use your IP address (number or address allocated to your device for Internet browsing) in cooperation with your Internet service provider in order to identify you, if it deems necessary to enforce its terms of use or to protect its services, its customers or upon request from administrative and judicial authorities.

5 - Personal data

ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone respects the law relating to personal data. It undertakes to ensure the accuracy, confidentiality and security of the personal data of the users of its website and its Orange Money Pro application.

   5.1 Storage and use of personal data

ORANGE Mobile Finance Seirra Leone shall keep your data in accordance with laws and regulations of Sierra Leone. This data may be used by all subsidiaries of the Orange Group or by companies in which they have or will have an interest.

   5.2 Access and rectification of personal data

The distributor does not have an access right to rectify data. The request for modification of the data concerning him is made via the network of commercial managers.

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