4G+ Airbox

Offer details
Offer details

The Orange Airbox is an internet offer that allows you to have a mobile broadband Wi-Fi connection with the 4G+/4G/3G network. A customer can connect up to 16 devices simultaneously, while outdoor or in home or office

It is sold in Orange shops and through our Door-to-Door team.

It is a prepaid offer and requires subscription payment for any of the 3 monthly unlimited data packages

  • A reliable, fast and unlimited Internet access for customers at their homes or offices or on the go at a very reasonable price.
  • Very affordable data prices compared to the other data bundles and offers
Payment and subscription
  • Top up: Dial *420# and follow the prompts
  • Orange Money: Dial #144#, Select 5 and follow
  • Cash – at our Orange Shops
Tariff and Requirements

Prepayment of Le 200,000 for device and configuration of device plus monthly subscription as follows:

  • Le 400.00 monthly - 3 Mbps download, 1 Mbps upload with a volume allowance of 100GB
  • Le 700.00 monthly - 6 Mbps download, 2 Mbps upload with a volume allowance of 200GB
  • Le 1,000.00 monthly - 10 Mbps download, 3 Mbps upload with a volume allowance of 300GB