Roaming simply means using your Orange mobile number to connect to a cellular network outside Sierra Leone. You can take your mobile device(s) with you almost anywhere in the world and make calls, send and receive text messages and use data almost as easily as you do in Sierra Leone.


In a nutshell it is the possibility to use your Orange number when travelling outside Sierra Leone.

What is Required to setup a postpaid roaming?

For postpaid customers, to activate roaming the requirements are Initial Collateral deposit of NLe 5,000(refundable upon termination of contract in the event with no outstanding balance)


What are the Requirements to setup a prepaid roaming?

 By default Roaming for Prepaid is Automatic, however you must have credit on your device to make calls, send SMS or to use data (SMS reception and USSD are free). 

For Postpaid Customers before you can make calls and browse outside Sierra Leone, your number must be set up for international roaming. After activation of roaming service and before you travel, ask your account manager about:

International roaming arrangements with the operators in the country you are visiting and whether your mobile phone will work there.

For Prepaid Customers, Roaming is Automatic but if you can’t connect to a network kindly Restart your Phone.

Find out in your device settings if data roaming is “on” or “off". You can turn off data roaming to help manage costs and turn it on when you want to use data.

 You will be able to latch onto the foreign network automatically if your smartphone is on auto network selection.

 A Roaming icon appears at the top of the screen, in the status area. The icon differs from phone to phone, but generally the letter R figures in it somewhere, similar to what’s shown in the margin.



Note: You can only activate Data Roaming when Needful.


Some phones and apps will automatically download data while the phone is on, and you can incur roaming charges as a result of that.


Completely log out of applications like GPS and Facebook® that run in the background and continually use data to update your location.


 If you’re using a prepaid line, you can top up before



If you are unable to get network, then follow the simple steps related to settings mentioned below:

 • On your device, select Settings.

 • Select More networks or More settings

 • Select Mobile networks or Mobile data.

 • Select Network operators.

 •Select Search networks. This can take up to two minutes.

 • Select the desired network.

 • Go back to the home screen.

Orange Sierra Leone has direct partnerships with carriers in 137 countries. Check partners

We also have roaming rates by zone.

If you can’t connect to a network or don’t have network signal, you

Can restart your phone and try to manually select a preferred roaming partner.

If you still cannot connect to a network, we advise you find an alternative means to contact us

To stay in contact with your business or family while you’re away, you may need to send and receive data on the go but… It’s important to manage your data usage in order to keep your costs under control and avoid surprises on your bill when you return
It’s important to buy enough airtime from orange recharge points or office before you travel.
You can also subscribe for airtime and purchase prepaid data bundles through orange money using our short code #144#.

yes! When you roam as a prepaid customer, you can pay as you go or buy a roaming bundle via *266# to enjoy browsing when roaming.

To check your roaming data Balance, dial the following for the various destinations,

*137*30#   ECOWAS
*137*31#   Rest of Africa
*137*29#    Europe
*137*28#    Canada

This applies only to pre-paid Data Roaming Bundles.


For Post-paid Customers you can check your Account status using this short code *929#