Business FAQs

Enterprise Business FAQs

Is a department of Orange Sierra Leone whose solutions are entirely dedicated to the professional sector. We accompany companies in their digital transformation, regardless of their size and sector of activity.

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SMEs, independent professionals and large companies can count on our commitment to bring the performance, security and agility of our digital solutions to the service of their success.

Our services are listed on the website. In addition we also provide tailor made solution as per our customer’s needs.

Dedicated internet service and other ICT solution is one of our core businesses and we also provide home solution using our speed box.

We have dedicated account managers to manage, take you through all our services and relationship officers to handle your issues timely.

Call or SMS our customer care line *420# for more information or visit our shops and website or send an email to for more information.

We have the strongest and widest coverage across the country, therefore our services are provided everywhere.

Our customers can pay directly to our bank accounts, via the shops or using Orange money.

Business Boost FAQ

Business Boost is a service that allows Businesses to use their personalized messages as Ring Back Tone.

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Customer can change message up to 2 times within a month.

YES, customer can set different messages at varied time period within the day.

Maximum length is 48secs.

Message will be activated with 24 hours upon completion.

Contact an Orange Personnel or send an email to 420 or

Wanpot FAQs

Orange Wanpot is the best of both worlds solution that gives the subscriber a fixed monthly bundle for a fixed price while allowing them to top-up as required.

With this new service, the subscriber is offered a monthly plan that includes an SMS Quota and a set amount to make calls to all destination plus abundant data bundle, for a fixed monthly fee, but also allows them to top-up and access prepaid services at any stage.

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Customer eithers sends SMS/call 420 or contact an Account manager.

B2B customers mainly SMEs and corporate institutions.

  • You get to enjoy reduced rate for on-net calls. 
  • You get to enjoy abundant data 
  • You can be able to recharge your account at anytime
  • You can benefit from other prepaid promotions

Yes a customer can subscribe to other prepaid offers.

30 days for data and SMS and 60 days for voice allocation.

Yes, by sending a mail to your account manager or one month before the contract expires.

Applicable to prepaid roaming only, if main account is recharged.

For more information, please contact us