Orange Money Lajor


Access loans using your mobile phone via your Orange Money account!

What is Orange Money Lajor?

Orange Money Lajor is a small loan service that allows fully KYCed and active Orange Money users to be able to access loans using mobile phones via your Orange Money account.

Who are eligible to get this loan?

Fully KYCed Orange Money customers that have been actively using Orange Money for 90 days and above.

To register dial #144# and select option 7 or directly dial #144*7#.

Is the loan available at any time?

Loan is available for 24hrs a day as long as you have qualified to take the loan.

What are the loan amounts available?

The loan amounts available are:

  • Le 15
  • Le 30
  • Le 50
  • Le 100
  • Le 200
How to get the loan?

To get loan, you must firstly register for the service and accept the terms and conditions. After successful registration, you will be qualified to get a loan.

Are there other charges applicable?

You will pay a 12% interest fee on any loan amount applied for.


You have the option to pay the loan at any time within 30days.

Your Orange Money account will be blocked and will only be allowed to do cash in. The account will only be opened after you pay.

Yes. You will pay an additional 5% interest charge if repayment is done between 31 – 60 days and a 10% additional interest charge if the repayment is done after 60 days,

Reminder SMS will be sent to you during the period before expiration of the loan duration.

You can only take another loan after successful repayment of the previous loan.

To repay loan, you need to dial #144# and select option 7 or directly dial #144*7#.

Yes. You can repay the loan in bits as long as it is within the 30days period.

You can dial *747 and 111 for any information or complaint regarding this service.

You cannot take a loan on behalf of another customer or even repay loan on behalf of another customer.