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Orange Postpaid Service

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Orange Postpaid Service

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Orange Postpaid Service


⦁    Comfort-Assigned Account and Relationship Managers to serve your communication needs
⦁    Business Continuity-Keep your business moving without the worry of running out of airtime
⦁    Credit Facility-Use now, Pay later

⦁    Widest roaming coverage



Enjoy uninterrupted Communication. Services are paid for after usage at the end of the month. It offers the flexibility of always being able to make a call with no need for top up/recharge giving the peace of mind of never running out of airtime.  Bills can be paid with Orange Money.

  • Initial Collateral deposits (refundable upon termination of contract., in the even no outstanding balance)
  • Know your customer details and other vital information for setup of account.
  • Signed contract form and business registration documents.

Onnet – NLe 1.10

Offnet – NLe 1.10

Intl calls – Varies by destination.

Data Pay As You Go – NLe 0.04