Orange has been present in Sierra Leone for only six years, yet it has already stamped its CSR footprints across the country with an ambition to drive socio-economic development.


Orange being a multi service provider and a responsible corporate citizen places emphasis on corporate social investment. We believe in the philosophy of philanthropy which is why the brand continues to impact directly, the lives of people, by giving back, and touching lives.


At the heart of Orange’s commitment to its Corporate Social Responsibility and in 2022, the company’s CSR and Orange Foundation contributions amounted to approximately NLe 11million.


As an operator, Orange has a responsibility to not only provides support for events and other sponsorship activities, but also to supports sustainable development projects in all areas of its operations.


The company’s 2022 CSR Brochure provides full report of its 2022 Corporate and Social activities ranging from its Corporate contributions, its Environmental activities for green energy, building of early learning development centers, promotion of digital inclusion, community health projects on maternal mortality and several other philanthropical activities related to meeting the socio-economic needs for our society.


Kamal Abass the Head of PR and CSR for Orange Sierra Leone stated: that the aim of Orange is to continue to make meaningful impact in the society in which it operate by adhering to our corporate, environmental and social responsibilities.

CSR 2022 Report, and Stem Women