Orange Sierra Leone In 5 Years

CEO'S Message                    CEO  


Since our arrival in 2016, we remained committed to keep the people of Sierra Leone ahead with the latest technologies along with superior network quality. We wish to thank the government and the people of Sierra Leone for providing the enabling environment for our investment to thrive and for selecting us as your preferred trusted network provider. We value your contribution, and we truly appreciate your patronage.

I would like to extend my sincere congratulations to the management and staff of Orange Sierra Leone for your dedication, commitment and contribution to the overall objective of the company. Your passion and hard work have resulted to the enormous growth of the company while your extraordinary resilience surmounted every challenge in the past five years.

In the past 5 years, we have invested massively in the areas of network expansion & modernization while we remain a major contributor to the socio –economic development of the country through our tax contributions and investments in human resources and corporate social responsibility.

We guarantee you of our ambition to remain a strong investor leading the digitalization of the country and providing an unmatched customer experience with a world class quality of service.



Orange SL Top Management Team 

PR organogram



growthmajor east


Network Modernization & Expansion Investments

network expansion

  1. Modernization of RAN Active equipment.
  2. 247 sites fully modernized since 2017
  3. New Data Center launched in Freetown
  4. Passive Modernization
  5. More than 105 Generators replaced
  6. More than 282 DC powers system replaced
  7. 4G and 4G+ Deployment
  8. Since 2019, we have deployed 273 4G sites 
  9. Orange Sierra Leone deployed 104 4G+ sites since last year
  10. 3G Expansion
  11. In 2022 today, all sites within OSL are fully upgraded with 3G technology
  12. Transition network expansion and modernization ongoing
  13. 210 hops have been modernized and upgraded
  14. Fiber is extended to about 200km within Freetown
  15. Atleast 80km fiber deployment in Bo and Kenema to improve quality

A State-of-the-Art Data Center Since 2018

state of the art



4g+   4G+ Network Coverage in 5 Major Cities         

      2g    2G / 3G / 4G / Edge I GPRS Network Covers almost 93% inhabited areas.  

        4g 4G in 15 District Headquarter Towns


Orange Money enable Services to all Citizens.

OM offers

Orange Money reach 1 million subscribers and increased revenue and usage

With the below offers:

  1. Money Transfer
  2. Cash Out
  3. Salary Payment
  4. Bill Payment
  5. Merchant Payment
  6. TopUp
  7. Bank to Wallet
  8. Orange Money Lajor
  9. Oversea Money
  10. EDSA Payment
  11. Cash at Home
  12. Orange Money App


Orange Enterprise Business(B2B) dedicated to business and Organizations.






At the heart of OSL: Corporate Social Responsibility



1. Health – Education – Charity


  1. Sponsored thinking pink breast cancer foundation.

  2. Distribution of 2,000 Hygiene packs to 20 Schools across the country

  3. Implementation of Super coder scratch program + ICT training for 19 schools nationwide.

  4. Adopted 50 Ebola Kids

  5. Yearly Ramadan iftar donation to 18 mosques across the country


2. Health – Covid Support


  1. Zero rate website link for CDC, WHO, MOHS, UNICEF

  2. Free Educational Portal

  3. Donated 1bn SLL cash to NARCOVERC.

  4. Supported NARCOVERC Covid vaccine drive with the sum of 500m SLL.

  5. Donated PPEs to 5 government hospitals, 14 district councils and Lungi International airport to the tune of 650m SLL.

  6. Provide food supply for 100 quarantined homes

  7. Donated 5 five thousand Liter water tanks donated to Wilberforce Community


3. Entertainment Media Covid



  1. Provided 500 kva generator for Njala university.

  2. Supported Freetown uncut band to perform at the Freedom concert in London.

  3. Refurbished the SLENA Building


4. Employees


  1. HQ Office refurbishment and extension

  2. In-house Clinic

  3. Aerobics Session

  4. Paternity Leave

  5. In-house Creche

  6. Flexi hours for lactating mothers

  7. Local content: 80% local representation at intermediate level and 100% local representation at lower level


4. Environmental Preservation

Improvement of the living environment of the population


  1. 1st Telco to acquire the Environmental impact Assessment License *2018

  2. Migrated +60% of our sites to solar energy.

  3. Established an Environment, health and safety (EHS) committee to deploy and implement EHS programmes

  4. Fight against waste management and spillage

  5. Compliance to local and international EHS legal/Regulatory requirements.


5.Good Governance

forum for dialogue with stakeholders (parliamentarians, women, consumer associations, employees, media,etc.)

good governance


  1. Board Member of the National Anti-corruption Strategy Steering Committee

  2. CSR Committee

  3. Ethics and Compliance Committee

  4. Audit & Risk Committee

  5. Finance Committee (Savings, Investments & Expense)

  6. Regular Media Update

  7. A day with Parliamentarians

  8. Ethics & Compliance Day

  9. Senior Management Zero tolerance to corruption

  10. Anti-corruption Policy

  11. Consumer Education through Civil Society Organizations


Orange Adopts Zero tolerance to corruption under six pillars.

six pillars



Orange (SL) Limited, adopts Zero tolerance to corruption and is committed to conduct its operations in a sound and ethical manner.

The company ensures compliance to all national, European and international legal and regulatory provisions applicable to the business related to the fight against corruption, notably amongst others, the US Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, the UK Bribery Act, the French "Sapin il" law & the Sierra Leone Anti-Corruption Act 2008 as amended in 2019.

The company operates within the scope of set policies that guarantees the integrity and ethics must be visible in our day-to-day business operations. Understanding, adopting, and applying all compliance policies is key to the success of our business. Upholding these shared values will facilitate collaboration with our stakeholders based on trust and mutual respect and will also create a powerful team with the right values to respond to challenges that arise in the ever-changing global environment in which we operate.

In accordance with the shared value of transacting business ethically, you can raise an alert about any illegal, unethical, corrupt or fraudulent conduct by any employee of the company.

  1. Orange SL:

  2. Sonatel: alerte.ethiqueet

  3. Orange group URL:

  4. Short code: 505.






Orange Foundation Launched in 2021 under 3 Pillars

three pilars





  1. Construction of 3 Early Childhood Development Schools in Kambia, Pujehun and Moyamba

  2. Women Digital Center providing support and training for women in basic commercial and financial management, including digital and office tools.




  1. Free maternal Health care at kroo bay




  1. Support football tournament

  2. Organize Musical festival.


Awards And Recognitions


  • 2019 – Outstanding Humanitarian Award by Shout Climate Change Africa

  • 2020 – National Social Security and Insurance Trust – Compliance Award

  • 2020 – Fastest growing Mobile operator by Advocacy Center

  • 2020 – Appointed as member of the National Anti-corruption Strategy Steering Committee

  • 2021 – Best CRS/Philanthropy Organisation by Sierra Business Awards