In terms of Education, the Foundation participates in the fight against illiteracy, by facilitating and encouraging education and vocational training where social conditions are obstacles. We promote digital tools as a driver for equal opportunity and our programs such as Digital School Kits, Women’s Digital Centre and Super Coders Scratch Programme are examples of our commitment.

Last educational stories


Women's Digital Center Launching

OSL Foundation has launched the 1st Women's Digital Center in Sierra Leone, once again proving Orange's unfailing committment to not only improving the lives of Sierra Leoneans through wonderful digital experiences but empowering women with the tools they need to succeed.

The Women's Digital Center (WDC) is an Orange Foundation Group led initiative in partnership with the National Youth Commission, established to empower economically vulnerable women by providing them with training in digital technology and use of software, confidence & morale boosting sessions and entrepreneurship. All of these training courses are key to women’s economic empowerment.

126 women have successfully completed the 1st training at the WDC and the young ladies got the rare opportunity to be handed their certificates by outgoing CEO Aminata Kane Ndiaye, OSL CEO Sekou Amadou Bah, OSL Directors and Senior Managers, NAYCOM Commissioner, the Minister of Gender & Children Affairs, Deputy Minister of Education, UN Women and more.

Orange vows to stay committed to spurring the development of women in Sierra Leone.


Donation of 500KVA generator to Njala University

Orange Sierra Leone Foundation, partnering with our Corporate Social Responsibility department, provided Njala University, Mokonde Campus with a 500KVA generator to provide electricity and power to the entire campus that was in dire need of such a facility. This is in continuation of a 9 year collaboration between Orange SL and Njala University. We also donated ICT equipment/stationary materials for the digitalization of the university hospital, food items for resident students on campus whose towns/villages were ravaged with ebola, including used ICT equipment for their ICT lab, 1500 desks & chairs and sponsorships of various events.


Breast Cancer Awareness Nationwide Campaign

Working with our partners Thinking Pink Breast Cancer Foundation, we embarked on a massive breast cancer awareness campaign throughout October.

The Breast Cancer awareness campaign was taken to key areas such as Abacha Market, Lumley Market, EPA, NP, Atlantic Hotel & to medical students of COMAHS. The sensitization continued in 10 schools nationwide, five (5) in Freetown Rural & Urban (King Fahad Secondary School, Maranantha Secondary School, Wilberforce Secondary School, Mountain Rural Secondary School and Freetown Secondary School for Girls) and five (5) in the provinces (Impere Secondary School, Rutile; St. Andrews Secondary School & Queen of the Rosary School, Bo; Holy Rosary Senior Secondary School, Kenema and St. Joseph Secondary School Makeni).

Alarmingly, two hundred and thirty-four (234) students aged 13-21 were identified with some form of Breast Abnormality. We are kindly encouraging everyone to get themselves checked and ensure your family & friends are also checked.

Breast cancer awareness should not be limited only to the month of October; it is a yearly individual responsibility.


Super Coders Scratch Programme Rolled Out Nationwide

Orange Sierra Leone Foundation brought ICT training and coding programming knowledge to children in secondary schools throughout the country. This is our "Super Coders Scratch Programme."

20 schools have been targeted as "Super Coder" beneficiaries and with the 4 schools rolled out in 2021 brings the total to 14 schools total.

With our implementing partner STFoundation, we build laboratories at secondary schools and teach them “Scratch”, a programming software where students learn coding and how to animate characters. By learning the simplest programming languages, they can become creators of new universes, leaders who have the vision of the project they want. This is the power of SuperCoders.

F.A.W.E Girls School in Waterloo, Holy Family School in Calabatown, St. Augustine School in Lungi, and the Government School for Boys in Magburaka launched "Super Coders", where they will be using "Scratch" in their ICT Labs.

Autism Awareness Celebration

Friday April 8th OSL Foundation partnered with Sierra Leone Autistic Society to celebrate Autism Awareness in the country. In a lively & colorful program, autistic students & entertainers showcased their talents & creativity, while raising awareness about autism & its current status in Sierra Leone.

Madame Rufina Adjivon-Tucker, Director of Digital Transformation, expressed Orange's commitment to continue to support autism in the country and officially launched the SLAS National Helpline: "504", where information and help are only a phone call away.

The Minister of Social Welfare, Hon. Madame Baindu Gassama, acknowledged Orange Foundation's continuous support towards autistic people & others living with disabilities and thanked Orange on behalf of the Government of Sierra Leone.

The award-winning autism themed movie - "The Reason I Jump", a documentary on the experiences of non-speaking autistic people around the world, was screened to the eager crowd.



April 27th - OSL Foundation in partnership with Plan International, UNICEF and the Government of Sierra Leone commemorated International Girls in ICT Day with a 2 Day event at the OSL Headquarters.

Girls in ICT Day is an annual highlight on the need to promote technological career opportunities for girls and women in the world’s fastest growing centre.

On behalf of the OSL CEO, Sekou Amadou Bah, HR Director Agnes Songa delivered the Welcome Speech and officially launched the Girls in ICT Day Activities.

The Minister of Youth Affairs & speakers from Plan International, DSTI and the Ministry of Information spoke on the various ways the country is focusing on providing the platform to young women and girls to enter a career in technology and the importance for promoting ICT to them.

All throughout the country, OSL staff brought their daughters to work. The girls participated in the workshops and sessions that took place throughout the day.

The workshops included:

-Introduction of Generation Unlimited and Unicef Digital Learning Hub

-Learning Passport and MBSSE Digital Opportunities for Young People

-Introduction of Social Media Advocacy Skills, Blog Writing, Staying Safe Online

-Girls Understanding Radio Media Technology and How to Increase Skills and Make Use of Radio Media in The Country to Facilitate Advocacy Activities of Girls

-Introduction of Orange Digital and ICT platform and potential ICT training for Girls

-Visit to Key Departments and Interact with Staff and Girls

4th Early Childhood Development School Commissioning

4th Early Childhood Development School Commissioning

May 16th - Orange Sierra Leone Foundation officially commissioned the 4th Early Childhood Development School Friday May 13th, in Lokomassama Chiefdom, Port Loko District.

Vice President of Sierra Leone, Honourable Dr. Juldeh Jalloh officially launched the school, thanking Orange Foundation for the development. He cited the importance of multi-sector collaboration in developing the country.

In 2018, Orange Sierra Leone pledged $1.5 million dollars in material support to the government’s Free Quality Education Agenda. Building Early Childhood Development Schools, in partnership with the Ministry of Basic & Senior Secondary Education is one of the FQE Projects.

3 ECD Schools were built in 2021: Korgbutuma Village, Kayamba Chiefdom, Moyamba District; Gombahuh Town, Sowa Chiefdom, Pujehun District; Mayakie Village, Mambolo Chiefdom, Kambia District.

The next school to be commissioned is in Tihun Town, Bonthe District.



May 19th OSL Foundation brought together 10 teachers from various schools in Freetown today May 19th, to train them on proper use, monitoring and execution of the digital school kits Foundation will be donating to their various schools.

The Digital School Kits programme is an Orange Foundation Group initiative, where we provide digital tools to selected schools in a fully-fledged digital education drive.

Foundation, operating on our pillar of Education, target schools lacking books and internet access and provide them with resources in the form of digital school kits: tablets, raspberry pi's, Bluetooth speakers, projectors and more. The teachers are being educated on how to unpack, operate, maintain and supervise the kits which will be donated to them.

OSL Foundation Delivers Digital Learning Kits to Schools

OSL Foundation Delivers Digital Learning Kits to Schools

We are proud to say that Orange SL Foundation through the Support of Foundation Group (the providers of these digital school kits/equipment + Funding for the implementation) has Launched, Unveiled, Installed, donated and handed over Digital Learning Kits to 9 Schools for the Digital School Kits Project.

The Schools we have donated to so far includes;

1. SOS Hermann Gmeiner Primary School, Beach Road, Lumley

2. Juba Army Primary School, Juba Barracks

3. Church of Christ Primary School, Gloucester

4. Fourah Bay College Primary School, Kortright

5. Wilberforce Municipal Primary School

6. St. Edwards Primary Sch.

7. St. Anthony Girls Primary School

8. Ilmo Zikri Primary School

9. Emmet Emmet Primary School UBC

The kits includes Tablets, Laptop Computer, Raspberry Pi, Projector & Screen, Extensions, Headphones, Power Bank, Bluetooth Speaker etc.

This is indeed a digital revolution and inclusion in the Government supported Schools - first in the history of Sierra Leone for Schools to have such equipment. It's the start of a new beginning in the Educational sector.

The pupils will now have easy access to technological learnings in the 10 schools.

The gesture was well appreciated by the authorities and pupils of the four Schools we have done so far. We have 6 more schools to do in this 1st phase of the project.

The setting up of the equipment, training of trainers and installation at the schools were done in collaboration with our Implementing Partner BIAZO Company Ltd - they will also be looking at the maintenance, inclusive joint Monitoring & Evaluation of the equipment in the various Schools.

In addition, Staff of OSL and OSLF will be project ambassadors for each school, also responsible for monitoring of kits and quarterly reports for each school's utilisation.

Discover our Education achievements

Supported Sierra Leone’s education sector through interventions from nursery to tertiary education, with emphasis on the education of girls, particularly those in vulnerable positions.

Children in the Provinces Will Benefit From Ultra-Modern Early Childhood Development Schools Constructed By Orange Sierra Leone Foundation

April 21st 2021

With this initiative in partnership with the Ministry of Basic & Senior Secondary Education, children living in the rural areas will benefit from a structured early childhood curriculum in the facility we built to improve learning at this fundamental stage.


A Boost to Education in the Rural Areas

Early Childhood Development (ECD) is about the overall wellbeing and welfare of a child, encompassing the child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, and motor development. It is recognized as a critical foundation for fostering positive lifelong outcomes, human capital development and sustainable national development.

As the rural areas in Sierra Leone face difficulties surrounding access to quality education, building these schools was a relief to those in these areas. Korgbutuma Village within the Kayamba Chiefdom, Moyamba District, Gombahun Town, Sowa Chiefdom within the Pujehun District and Mayakie village, Mambolo Chiefdom within the Kambia District all were beneficiaries of a three-room ultra-modern ECD school.


Impact in Communities

The Ministry of Basic and Senior Secondary Education (MBSSE) identified high-priority areas where the schools would have the greatest impact. Orange, in honor of our $1.5 million dollar commitment to the government’s Free Quality Education Agenda, launched the Early Childhood Development Project in partnership with MBSSE and we built the schools in these priority areas.

The facilities, curriculum and study materials are highly appreciated in these communities.

In 2022, 3 more schools will be built in Port Loko, Pujehun and Bonthe districts.