Orange Sierra Leone Ethics and Complaince


1. Corruption and Laws

Corruption is the act of giving or receiving something of value with an intent with the aim of gaining undue advantage. This may take the forms of ‘Bribes’, ‘Kick-backs’, ‘Extortion’, ‘Facilitation payment’ etc

Provision of the French Law against Corruption :
Administrative and preventive section: The law imposes 8 prevention measures on companies employing over 500 employees and generating more than €100 million in revenues

  1. Code of conduct
  2. Internal whistleblowing mechanism
  3. Risk-mapping of corruption risks
  4. Due diligence prodecures
  5. Accounting control
  6. Anti-corruption training
  7. Internal sanction policy
  8. Internal control and evaluation procedure


2. If You See Something, Say Something!

3. Tone at the Top

Every year, the Board, Executive Committee, and Senior Managers of Orange SL reaffirm its commitment to the fight against corruption.

CEO's Message on Corruption (2023)  

CCO's Message on Corruption (2023)



4. Governance 

Ethics and Compliance Network Committee 

e&C network committee1


5. Policy & Procedures

Orange Sierra Leone has set policies and procedure that relates to the prevention, deterrence and punishment of Corruption in the Company. 

Below are our set policies and procedures


6. Awareness & Training

Training has been conducted for employees, partners, suppliers, and stakeholders to ensure that they are compliant with our Anti-corruption values and that they are au fait with our Anti-corruption policies.

Anti-corruption awareness training for XL Staff (Front Agents)